Freedom Year 2018: September

franckreporter/Getty Images

Theme: Partnership

We work better when we work together.  The Anglican Alliance’s mandate is to connect; to facilitate relationships and encourage churches and agencies across the Anglican Communion to work in partnerships in their development, relief and advocacy work worldwide.

We have been partnering with the Salvation Army, Caritas Internationalis and Stop the Traffik in regional consultations, and we continue to collaborate with other churches and organisations to end human trafficking.  This month we’ll be looking at how we can promote partnership across the Anglican Communion and join people together in the fight against human trafficking.


Learn More

New resources are being written to engage and unite churches and their communities in the fight against trafficking.  Look out for these on our website this month – they will teach us more about how to work together with those around us in our efforts to combat human trafficking.


Look back over the activities of the year so far and reflect on the things you have learned from people in the world around you.

Prayer Points

Ask God to reveal to you ways in which you can partner with others, and to guide you into meetings with those who are also on a journey to find out more.  Please share your prayers via our social media links.