Freedom Year 2018: May

Photo from The Clewer Initiative

Global perspectives on human trafficking and modern slavery – join the conversation on Friday 25 May

The Anglican Alliance is hosting a facilitated conversation following last month’s consultation in Canada, which will bring together global perspectives on human trafficking and modern slavery. It will be held on Friday 25 May at 3.30pm BST (GMT+1)

If you would like to join us online for this one hour panel discussion and Q&A, please email:

Freedom Year resources for May

Theme: Protection

This month’s theme is about recognising victims of modern slavery and reporting this to the appropriate agencies who can rescue them.  They also need protection from being re-trafficked.

The first step to stopping human trafficking is to spot it.  There are a number of signs that can help us to identify a situation where people are being used as slaves:

  • There may be signs of physical abuse, or they may seem anxious, fearful or lack self-esteem
  • They may seem to be bonded by debt or have money deducted from their salary
  • They may have little or no contact with their family or loved ones due to the removal of their passports and restriction of movement
  • They may be reluctant to seek help and seem frightened to talk to strangers or the authorities


Spot the Signs

Find out how to spot the signs of human trafficking and modern slavery, and think about where you might spot them in your local area.

Find Out More

Create a list of helplines and local services that are available for people looking to help those trapped in modern slavery in your local area?

Always Keep Safe

Traffickers are dangerous criminals. Don’t rush in to rescue a person. Speak to local authorities or NGOs who can give proper support.