Freedom Year 2018: June

Theme: Humanitarian Contexts

This month we’ll be looking at the prevalence of human trafficking in emergency situations.  For example in situations of conflict, a natural disaster, or persecution, where people are forced to leave their homes, vulnerable people can be left exposed to exploitation and human trafficking.

You can read more about this in resources which will be linked on this page.

Focus on: Europe

The refugee crisis in Europe is one example of a humanitarian emergency that has left people vulnerable to human trafficking.  We’ll be exploring this in more detail on our website this month.


World Refugee Week

From 18-24 June 2018 communities around the world will be celebrating the contributions that refugees bring to their societies and committing to support refugees and people forced to flee their homes.  This is based around World Refugee Day, which is marked on 20 June each year.

Find Out More

The link between humanitarian crises and human trafficking is not often taken into account by humanitarian responders.  Spend some time this month finding out more about how people can be left vulnerable to trafficking during and after humanitarian crises, and what needs to be done to stop traffickers taking advantage in times of increased vulnerability.