Freedom Year 2018: February

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Theme: Prevention

With their presence in communities across the world, churches have a key role in raising awareness to prevent human trafficking.


Here are some simple steps to take.

  • Learn About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the movement or recruitment by deception or coercion for the purpose of exploitation.  It is a violent abuse of human rights. Victims may suffer fear, physical abuse, torture and threats to their families. The traffickers aim to control the victims and break their spirit.

  • Find Out More

What is the situation of human trafficking and modern slavery in your country?  Look at examples in the newspapers. Invite a government or NGO officer with expertise in this area to talk with your church group about how to prevent human trafficking. Make a list of ways that communities can raise awareness and help with prevention.

  • Protect Yourself and Others

It is important to be aware of how traffickers recruit people, through deception and coercion, and how you can help your community to prevent people being trafficked. Find out how to get help if someone is at risk of trafficking.

  • Inform Yourself and Others

Have an awareness campaign in the church and community. Talk with young people who are offered a job outside the community to check that it is safe.