Emergency appeal from the Diocese of Jerusalem for the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza

8 August 2014

Staff at the Al-Ahli hospital, an Anglican ministry located in Gaza City, have maintained around-the-clock care since the beginning of the crisis. They are now calling for help to provide urgent medical services and critical care to those injured, displaced and traumatised in the conflict. Please see below for details on how you can support their work.  

Medical supplies, food aid, electrical generators and vital medical equipment are some of the most urgent needs to enable the hospital to continue providing essential care.  

The Diocese of Jerusalem has issued an appeal to Anglicans worldwide to join together in support of those suffering in the region.  In a letter sent to the Anglican family on 14th July 2014, Bishop Suheil S. Dawani outlined the extent of the conflict and called for emergency funds to support the work of Al-Ahli hospital. He said:

“Currently, and since the beginning of the crisis, Al-Alhi staff have maintained around-the-clock presence in the hospital, receiving wounded people and providing them with the critical medical care that they need. In the last two days, the impact of the airstrikes has caused structural damage to the hospital, including its ventilation system in the operating theatre and the emergency room.”

Hospital Director Suhaila Tarazi described the many wounded filling the hospital’s emergency rooms and wards – including many children, some who have lost their entire families. She appealed to the global community to do all it can to end the conflict and to support care for those affected by the violence.

In an UN OCHA report dated 16th July, those numbers reached 1,585 injured, of whom 435 were children and 282 women; 214 killed, including at least 164 civilians, of whom 44 were children and 29 women; 9,900 persons displaced; and 900,000 people without a water supply.

30 JULY UPDATE: see here for the Archbishop of Canterbury’s statement on Gaza

How you can help

You can give to the Diocese of Jerusalem appeal directly using the banking details on the second page of this appeal letter from Bishop Dawani.

Anglican and Episcopal agencies around the Anglican Communion have long supported the work of Al-Ahli Hospital and have responded already to the current crisis. You can learn more about their work and donate to their appeals through their websites at:

Anglican Board of Mission – Australia

Anglican Overseas Aid – Australia

Episcopal Relief & Development – USA

Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund – Canada

The Jerusalem and the Middle East Church Association – UK

Us (formerly USPG) – UK

And please remember the Al-Ahli hospital, the staff, those affected by the conflict and those working for peace in your daily prayers.  

Bishop Dawani and the Diocese of Jerusalem greatly appreciate your help to meet these urgent needs. 

For any further enquiries and to inform the Office of the Diocese of Jerusalem of your donation, please contact: chaplain@j-diocese.org

Here is how your financial support will help:

Estimated budget 

This will cover urgent needs, including the conflict and rehabilitation period.


Cost (USD)



Medical supplies for 300 injured and treatment of 5000 women and children affected by the ongoing offensive


New generation of antibiotics for the injured


Orthopaedic supplies


Psychosocial support for approximately 2000 women and children


Food – for patients, their families, staff, people coming from the street and seeking food)


Food parcels for the poor


Hiring additional staff to meet the new challenges


Post war treatment


Repair of the ventilation system, broken glass of the windows, as well as doors


New developing x-ray machine


Medical equipment/tools for post injury rehabilitation and treatment in the physical therapy department:

a) Two continuous passing movement (CPM) at USD 2500 each

b) Electrical stimulation

c) Vacuum

d) Short wave






Total budget required


If you would like to give to a general appeal, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), which brings together 13 UK aid agencies, has launched an appeal in response to the humanitarian need in Gaza.  You can see the appeal and give your support at http://www.dec.org.uk/appeals/gaza-crisis-2014 

Christian Aid, Tearfund and World Vision are among the 13 organisations who have launched the appeal. 

In the picture: Staff with a patient at Al-Ahli hospital.
Credit: Diocese of Jerusalem