Celebrate St David’s Day and Pray and Fast for the Climate with Christians worldwide

25 February 2015

Most Revd Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales, has written a prayer for ‘Pray and Fast for the Climate‘, which encompasses both St David’s Day and our calling as Christians to care for our creation:

God our Father,
You called your servant David to uphold the Christian faith amongst the people of Wales,
to encourage them by his observance of fasting and obedience,
and to show them compassion through small acts of great love.
As light is poured onto the mountain-tops and as fresh rain is sprinkled on the hills,
help us to be good carers of one another and of Your great and glorious Creation. Amen.

You can use this prayer in your activities for the day, and also download a powerpoint presentation to use in your church services and church groups, which has been created by Elizabeth Perry, who works for Christian Concern for One World (CCOW), a key partner in the Pray and Fast movement.  This is available at http://www.ccow.org.uk/resources/archbishop-tutus-prayer-powerpoint 

This month’s prayer points also remember political processes and decision making, and look to the London Climate March on 7th March 2015.  Our Voices are hosting an interfaith section of the march – if you are in or near London do join them! If you are elsewhere in the world, please pray and support the movement.  You can see more at https://www.facebook.com/ourvoices2015 

You can register your events and send in your stories and resources on the Pray and Fast for the Climate website.

Please join us and Christians around the world as we pray and fast for a strong climate treaty on the first of every month in 2015. Please consider using the prayers and resources from the website to guide your services, group meetings and individual prayer.  With God, nothing is impossible – together we can tackle climate change!