Bishop of Mexico thanks Communion for prayers and concern

29 September 2017

Ciudadanos moviendo escombros. Imagenes después del terremoto en la Ciudad de México, 19 de septiembre de 2017. © Creative Commons.

The Bishop of Mexico, Rt Revd Carlos Touché-Porter, has written to the Anglican Alliance to thank the Anglican Communion for their prayers and concern following the magnitude 7.1 earthquake, which hit Mexico City last week.

The devastating quake caused damage in the states of Puebla and Morelos and in the Greater Mexico City area, killing 342 people and injuring more than 6000.

Bishop Touché-Porter wrote, “I am so deeply touched by your kind message of support.   Your prayers and concern for us at this most difficult time is truly important and meaningful.  Thank you so much. “We do not know of any parishioners or friends of the Diocese of Mexico who have been damaged seriously or who have died.  Some of our churches were damaged in different degrees. Our Cathedral, a XVII (17) century building, was so affected that it cannot be used until further repairs and notice from the Mexican government. Services continue in all of these churches at parish halls or other buildings. At least one church in the Diocese of Cuernavaca was damaged beyond repair, and one priest and some parishioners were left homeless.”

The bishop also highlighted the response of the local church in Cuernavaca and the way they were supporting those affected by raising money and donating food.

Untrained volunteers have been among the first to respond to the disaster and are still helping professional rescue workers search for survivors among the rubble. Communities are also donating food, medicine, water and blankets to help those who have lost everything.

The earthquake came less than two weeks after a magnitude 8.4 quake hit Chiapas in Mexico on 7 September, killing almost 100 people.

Bishop Touché-Porter asked for the Anglican Communion’s continued prayerful support as those affected rebuild their lives, saying, “Please keep us in your prayers as we face the days to come.”

The Anglican Alliance has also been in touch with the Primate of La Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico, Archbishop Francisco Moreno, to assure him of our prayers for the Church and people of Mexico. The Alliance stands ready to share further news and any requests for prayer and practical support.

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