Advocacy webinar equips global Anglicans

30 June 2014

Tagolyn Kabekabe, the Anglican Alliance’s Pacific Facilitator, summarised the webinar when she said, “The global community need to have a listening ear – to listen to the most vulnerable rather than telling them what to do.  Then we can begin to work together on these issues.” 

You can watch the webinar recording in the video on this page.  

Presentations were given by Tagolyn Kabekabe at the Anglican Alliance; Brad Chapman, Anglican Board of Mission; David Cook, Anglican Overseas Aid; and Ben Thurley, Micah Challenge Australia.  The panel was chaired by Andy Bowerman, Co-Director at the Anglican Alliance. 

The webinar followed the Anglican presence at the Civil Society Summit (C20) in Melbourne, Australia on 20-21 June. Churches and agencies across the Pacific called on the G20 to pay attention to the effects of the changing climate and highlight climate change and food security as a top priority for the G20 Summit, which is being held in Brisbane, Australia, in November 2014. 

And a new campaign will call for climate change and food security to be at the top of the G20’s agenda when they meet in November this year.  You will be able to see more on our website soon!