Abp Vunagi presents certificates to first Agents of Change graduates in the Pacific

6 June 2014

Dennis Kabekabe and Brother Joseph Lent Fugui are the first two Agents of Change to graduate in the Pacific region.  They have been taking part in the course from Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Archbishop David Vunagi presented the graduates with their certificates in a recent meeting, which was also attended by Anglican Alliance Co-Director Revd Andy Bowerman, and Pacific Facilitator Tagolyn Kabekabe.

There are 35 participants of Agents of Change across four sites in the Pacific Region.  SSF Brother Joseph Lent Fugui and Dennis Kabekabe are the first two to complete the programme.

Both graduates acknowledged that the programme had been a challenging and rewarding experience.  They said, “It has been a new learning journey.” 

Students in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Honiara are continuing to work through the programme and are enjoying their studies.  

In the picture, from left to right: Revd Andy Bowerman, Dennis Kabekabe, Abp David Vunagi, SSF Brother Joseph Lent Fugui, and Tagolyn Kabekabe.