Zambian church wins award for the success of its development programme

8 February 2013

The programme, set up by Rev Denis Milanzi of the Diocese of Eastern Zambia has promoted community reconciliation by:

*  Integrating into the mainstream young women and girls involved in commercial sex work. This is done by engaging hard to reach people, including former sex workers who are considered the most at risk populations into training programmes in sustainable livelihood and survival skills.

* Providing pastoral care and support for the hard to reach.

* Running support systems such as training in skills for tailoring, jewelry making, poultry rearing and peanut butter making so people can generate an income.

Kachere Development Program is the faith based organisation operating as the social development arm of the Anglican Diocese of Eastern Zambia. The organisation is a brainchild of Dennis Milanzi, an Anglican priest who is also a philanthropist. The organisation started as a Childrens Project in 2008.

Over the years Kachere has rolled out its programs from a child focused programme to an integrated health and development model. This integration has helped in scaling up interventions at grassroots level as more people are benefiting from its implementation.

Its achievements include supporting 415 orphans and vulnerable children in primary and secondary school and colleges, improving sanitation for 1,200 pupils in two schools through the construction of 35 ventilated improved pit latrines. Providing safe and clean drinking water to 400 households, empowering 640 women in social, economic and political development, which has enhanced household economic status for female-headed households, and supporting 600 people living with HIV.  There have been 100 girls withdrawn from commercial sex work and 80 fish farmers trained and empowered for sustainable livelihood.

Over the next two years the programme aims to empower orphans and vulnerable children, people living with HIV and vulnerable women-headed households.