Workshops and a new resource equip Anglicans in Brazil in the ongoing fight for peace

25 August 2013

Training sessions have started in the Anglican Church of Brazil to equip people across the diocese and enable them to take a message of peace and protection to their communities.

Calling Anglicans to address the issues affecting their society, SADD (Anglican Service for Diaconia and Development) have launched several workshops and a resource pack to strengthen the dioceses in their work towards peace and reconciliation.

People from all dioceses of the Brazilian Province of Episcopal Anglican Church gathered recently to be trained as facilitators.  They will take their learning of violence and creating a culture of peace to the grass roots, connecting with other social movements and government efforts to battle violence.

SADD have worked for two years to raise awareness, mobilise communities, speak out against injustice, and care for the victims and perpetrators of violence. 

The Anglican Alliance were present at the launch event on 16 August 2013, which gathered workshop participants, representatives of the Human Rights Commission of the Brazilian Senate, Christian Aid, and members from the National Commission of Truth and from the National Council of Christian Churches in Brazil.

Sandra Andrade, an Anglican Alliance board member and coordinator of SADD, said, “The resource seeks to promote spaces of discussion and enable the communities to take action to face violence, to strengthen the voices towards justice and peace, and to commit more people to this path against any kind of violence.  It develops praxis and theologies that dignify and defend vulnerable people, especially women and girls who are the most affected in our context of violence and silence.”