Thousands left destitute after earthquake strikes Philippines

9 February 2012

The quake, which hit Negros and Cebu on Monday 6th February, destroyed homes and livlihoods across the region. Its effects are still being felt, with over a thousand aftershocks taking their toll on the resilience of local people and many opting for the safety of temporary shelters and open areas rather than returning to their home.


Among those left destitute was the Calum family from Negros Orientale, who saw parts of their home destroyed and their water source contaminated. They will need food, water, medicines, temporary shelter and financial assistance to rebuild their home.

Local churches and partner agencies have been working in the affected areas to provide assistance.  Anglican relief and development agencies USPG: Partners in World Mission (UK) and Episcopal Relief and Development (USA) have been accepting donations for The Philipinnes since Tropical Storm Washi hit last December.

The Iglesia Filipina Independiente is also accepting cash donations directly. These can be sent to:

Iglesia Filipina Independiente – VIMROD

Bank of Philippine Islands

Account Number 9121-0029-62