Testimonies and pictures from the South Sudan appeal as they receive $15,000 from ERD

11 June 2013

Last year the Anglican Alliance posted an appeal on behalf of Bishop John Gatteck from the Benitu Area Diocese of Malakal, South Sudan. The request was to support returnees from Sudan, internally displaced people and host communities. They are living in very difficult conditions due to the war as well as seasonal floods in the bordering areas between Sudan and South Sudan. 

The US-based agency Episcopal Relief & Development responded generously to this appeal, providing a $15,000 grant. This donation was framed in their wider strategy to build the capacity of the Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS) and, in particular, its relief and development arm, SUDRA (Sudanese Relief and Development Agency).

Following the Anglican Alliance’s guidelines for posting appeals and reporting back, Bishop Gatteck has sent us the narrative and financial report and a follow up. It describes how the funds were used to buy building material (bamboos bundles, hard grass bundles, ropes, etc) for 30 extended vulnerable households in the new settlement of Pawar Jaak, Unity State. The distribution prioritised the most vulnerable households and groups, including widows, people with disabilities and the elderly. The report includes moving testimonies and pictures.

This experience is a clear and positive example of collaborative work between the Anglican Alliance, Episcopal Relief and Development, SUDRA and the Diocese of Malakal.

If you would like to know more about the appeals process, please send an email to: tania.nino@aco.org