Support for community mobilisation in Kenya

15 April 2011

Based in Mount Kenya East Diocese, the scheme is now providing a water irrigation scheme, fish farming and other projects that have transformed the lives of the rural community.

Homes have been provided with electricity, and the community has been mobilised to build a secondary school. About 10,000 people had been enrolled into a savings club to fund the irrigation and had raised 1,500,000 Kenyan shillings.

Using church community mobilisation the scheme empowers hard-pressed communities to identify their resources and then put them to use for community priorities. Faith is the driving force in the community’s development, which regenerates the church as well as the local well-being.

Known as Umoja, or together, the system of holistic development was pioneered by Tearfund.

The development is also sustainable – the projects at Mururini have been sustained and grown over a period of eight years.

Participants at the Alliance conference were inspired by what they had seen at Mount Kenya East and said they wanted to see the theological tools extended to other communities across the Anglican Communion.