South Rwenzori Diocese, Uganda, calling for support to help flood-displaced communities

15 July 2013

Following heavy rains throughout April and May this year, heavy flooding has swept through Nyamwamba valley, a place usually affected by flash floods and therefore unprepared for heavy rains.  The prolonged heavy downpours in this area have resulted in the districts biggest rivers overflowing; Nyamwamba, Nyamugasani, Mubuku and Kithakena banks have burst, causing the displacement of villagers and the destruction of their homes.  Many have died, and six schools and one hospital were also destroyed.

According to the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, 25,445 people have been affected, eight people have died and at least five people are missing. There is also mass destruction of houses, infrastructure, facilities, power lines and sewage treatment units.  This report explains more.

The Anglican Church has been at the frontline in response to this emergency. By Monday 6th May 2013 South Rwenzori Diocese in Kasese district was hosting over 1,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in one of its primary schools, and over half of these are children under 12 years old.  Some of them are shown in the picture below.

When it stopped raining the river waters reduced and some families whosehouses were not destroyed were able to return to their homes. However 7,000 remain displaced to this day. They have been moved from the schools and are staying with other families in the villages to allow children to restart their education.  Therefore the relief supply will have to find the displaced persons in their host families; the 7,000 displaced people are direct beneficiaries while the host families will be indirect beneficiaries.

The Anglican Church in Uganda is carrying out a significant work, and aims to support the community to help them recover their lives after this tragedy. Prayers and financial support are requested in order to implement the following plan:

Objective of the response: To support the survivors of the Kasese floods to cope with the impact of the flash floods (to survive hunger and related diseases).

Targeted community: Bulumbia division, Nyamwamba Division, Karusandara, Maliba, Kyarumba, Bugoye, Kyondo sub-counties. Targeted area: South Rwenzori Diocese, Kasese district, Western Uganda.

Number of beneficiaries: 7,000 

Time frame: June 2013-Feb 2014

Who is responsible for implementing the response: The Diocesan relief and resettlement team of 220 volunteers is leading the implementation and distribution of relief. They will be answerable to the Diocesan Bishop and supervised by the district disaster committee on behalf of the government.

Proposed budget – 700,807,000=

If you would like to contribute to this appeal, please send your donations to the following account of the Church of the Province of Uganda:

Bank:                    Stanbic Bank Uganda Ltd

Branch:                 Forest Mall

Address:                P O Box 7131, KAMPALA, Uganda

Account Name:     COU Relief & Rehabilitation

Account No:           024000102901


The Diocese of South Rwenzori will provide updates about the progress of the situation and how resources have been used to respond to this emergency. The Anglican Alliance will post the report back on this appeal.

If you would like to know more about this appeal please contact us on this email: