Shelling and bombs in DRC leave people dead and injured

31 May 2013

Rev Désiré Mukanirwa Kadorho form the Anglican Church in Goma, Diocese of Bukavu, called the Anglican Alliance to report the shelling. He spoke about the tragedy affecting the communities, their desperation and exhaustion with this war. “It is chaos, I do not know from where to begin to support the victims”, most of the victims of this conflict are women and children.

Damage to one of the buildings is shown in the picture with this story.

According to the last ACAPS Global overview, in North Kivu alone, there are 27 different military groups as of mid-May. A recent Security Council Resolution approved for the first time an “offensive combat force to carry out targeted operation to neutralised and disarm” rebels groups. While the conflict in DRC intensifies, the Anglican Alliance is committed to support the inspiring work of the church in the Democratic Republic of Congo and to keep the Anglicans around the world informed about what is occurring and join them on prayers.

The Anglican Alliance will be posting in the incoming weeks several articles and appeals to support our brother and sisters in this difficult situation.