Rio Sunday on June 3 for Anglican action on sustainable development in run-up to Rio+20

18 April 2012

It will come two days before the first global day of action called by the international body that is co-ordinating popular support for the moves to take action over climate change.

The Anglican Alliance will be publishing a resource pack at the start of May to provide prayers and Bible studies for use on Rio Sunday and to suggest actions that Churches can take to promote sustainable development.

The pack will include fact sheets on food and environmental justice, climate change and water, and also proposals for action, including advocacy with politicians and other decision-makers. It will also include a range of resource materials for church services.

The pack will be available via the Anglican Alliance website, and will be in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

The call for Rio Sunday came at a meeting to co-ordinate activity taking place in the Communion. The Alliance’s newly appointed Latin America and Caribbean facilitator, who is co-ordinating the Church’s actions, is organising some events as part of the ecumenical celebrations at Rio. Details of these will be provided via this website.

Meanwhile any Anglicans attending the conference or People’s summit can register with the Church in Rio de Janeiro by contacting Nicholas Wheeler at He will be able to provide advice, orientation, and information about events.