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Current appeals

To see our current appeals please have a look at our ‘Recent News‘.

Whether the emergency is caused by conflict or natural causes, and whichever part of the Communion you are in, the Anglican Alliance is with you.

The Alliance supports Anglican relief work by linking up agencies and churches, and facilitating church to church giving. Anglicans make a big contribution to emergencies and the Alliance works to enable this through our networks.

You can download our appeal guidelines which have been developed so that Anglican churches and agencies can post appeals and share information about emergencies. Underlying these guidelines is the Alliance’s commitment to strengthening stewardship around the Communion.

Good relationships and accountability are at the core of our relief appeals, and we look to support each other as we work to build the body of Christ for a better world.

The Anglican Alliance is not a funding agency and we do not accept or transmit funds.

Here is how you can work with us to help your community:

1. Making an Appeal

Your church can ask the Alliance to post an appeal to enable church-to-church giving so people can give directly to the local church working on the ground.  Download the ‘Appeal form’ from the link on the right hand side of this page.

When you are preparing an appeal you need to consult your Provincial office. All donations will go directly to the bank account of the Provincial office, for onward transmission to you. You need to have the Provincial office’s consent for this to take place.

You also need to provide a detailed relief plan setting out:

  • the needs of the community
  • a budget
  • who will benefit from the appeal; and
  • how the money will be spent.

You can fill in the ‘Make an Appeal’ form online or download it as a word document, fill it in and return it to

2. Reporting back

Keep in touch with us! Every appeal made needs to be evaluated and reported back to the Alliance as soon as possible. We want to keep up to date with your situation as do the churches and individuals who have given to your appeal.  Download the ‘Report back form’ from the link on the right hand side of this page.

It is important to us to hear how the community has been affected, what donations have been received, and how they have been used. This is what good stewardship is all about. It promotes accountability, and partnership, and also enables us to update Anglicans with the progress made as a result of their prayers and donations, and to encourage them in their faith.

Once you have made an appeal with the Anglican Alliance, please download and complete the ‘Reporting Back’ document and send it to This is very important. People who have given money to you will want to know how it is spent: this is also part of being a good steward.

3. Providing information

Sometimes as a first step, you might just want to share information and ask for support in prayer.  Download the ‘Information form’ from the link on the right hand side of this page.

There are over 85 million Anglicans in the world ready to pray with you and provide support for your communities! Share information about the emergency with us as soon as you can, and Anglicans around the world will join you in prayer. Agencies already working in the emergency area will also be listed to give Anglicans the opportunity to donate.

You can fill in the Report form online or download the word document, fill it in and send it to us at

Once we have your information, we will pass it on to Anglican agencies and partners, and put a news article onto the Anglican Alliance webiste. It goes to the agencies working in your area and to our partners and supporters around the world. Individuals and churches can join in prayer for the affected area, and can also use any of the agencies noted to make a donation.

If you need help with this, please contact your regional Alliance faciliator – for details see the home page of the website – or email us at and mark your email for the Relief and Programmes Manager.