Peshawar Bishop talks of future hopes after bombing of his “mother church”

4 October 2013

The Bishop of Peshawar, Rt Revd Humphrey Peters, has thanked all who are praying for the community, and set out the hopes for long term support for those affected by the bomb attack.

“All Saints is my mother church, I grew in it, I know all the parishioners,” he wrote in a moving email to the Anglican Alliance. “All the people who have lost their lives have gone – but the ones left with injuries are in a difficult and painful condition.

“Our already marginalised community has been pushed into miseries. Many children have lost their parents, many parents have lost their children, many will live with disabilities, many will need someone to support them. It is a difficult challenge for our Diocese.

“Europeans and American were kind and generous in the past to people affected by such atrocities: this most recent suicide attack has mained many more innocent people in the Diocese of Peshawar. The Belgian Ambassador came to Peshawar, and a letter came from the Norwegian Ambassador, but we are still waiting for message from other European or American embassies to express their condolences for the marginalised Christian minority community of Peshawar.

“The group which claimed responsibility for the atrocity has said it was in retaliation to drone attacks and that they will continue as long as the drones continue. Someone else is engaging in the attacks and our poor and innocent community is paying the price. I hope the Church International will take notice of this. Keep us in your prayers.

“We are proposing to go for a long term plan and to set up an All Saints endowment fund or trust for orphans, students who have lost the support from their families, those with permanent injuries and others affected by the attack.  Careful advocacy will help our people –  it is time for the Alliance to act.”

Bishop Humphrey is a trustee of the Anglican Alliance. Bishop Mano, former bishop of Peshawar diocese and also a former General Secretary of the mission agency Us, has spent the last week in Peshawar support the Church community.