Over 1300 people received aid from ADDRO, a local agency set up by the Anglican Diocese of Tamale, Ghana

28 August 2012

In June, a heavy rainstorm affected poor communities in the Metropolitan Tamale District in the Northern region of Ghana. One person died, houses already fragile were flooded and their roofs blown up by the strong winds. Communities lost their properties and had to rebuild their homes. Local schools were also affected and required major reparations.

The Anglican Diocesan Development and Relief Organisation (ADDRO), the arm of the Diocese of Tamale of the Province of West Africa provided emergency help to the affected communities. Dozens of sacks of maize were distributed to the four most affected communities in August during the visit to Ghana of the Anglican Alliance Relief and Programmes Manager, Tania Veronica Nino Arevalo. This aid reached out 1300 people including women and children and will help them to meet basic needs while recovering from this emergency.

Anglican schools in Tamale and in the Upper East region of Ghana were also badly damaged. ADDRO provided roof and building material for their reparation in partnership with the International Anglican agency Episcopal Relief and Development (ER&D).

Communities in the three Regions of Northern Ghana, namely Northern Region, Upper East and Upper West Regions are highly vulnerable to emergencies such as floods and drought due to high levels of poverty, environmental conditions and climate change. ADDRO has been working for over 20 years in community development, helping people to find ways out of poverty, enabling adaptable agriculture and sustainable livelihoods, promoting health and education with a gender-based perspective and responding to emergencies.