New report sets out plans to promote “distinctive ethos” of Anglican schools in the Caribbean

25 June 2013

Jackie, who was one of the pioneer fellows in the first scheme that the Anglican Alliance ran for education administrators, has provided a detailed report of her recommendations to the education authorities following her return home to St Vincent and the Grenadines.  The progress of these recommendations can be seen here.

The report recommends the introduction of co-operative models of learning, implementation of a “model school” scheme in two primary schools, and strategies for ensuring that there is a distinctive ethos to education in Church schools.

The full text of Jackie’s report can be read here and a progress report details the steps that have been taken by the schools to implement these recommendations.  It is being sent to the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission which funds the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Scheme and monitors the fellows’ progress on their return home.  

Jacqueline said, “The visit was an eyeopener to me, and I shall always be thankful for your kind support with respect to the pursuit of the educational visit.”

The Anglican Alliance is planning a new scheme for women leaders in education for February and March 2014.