New partnership for Church education boosts children’s schooling in South Asia

14 August 2013

A recent visit to Bangladesh from the Diocese of Barrackpore, Church of North India, saw partnerships building across the Communion for cooperation and resource sharing as the Churches look to expand.
With education at the forefront of their vision, the Diocese of Barrackpore is looking to promote their network of 24 schools, serving their community and sharing any expertise in education across the Church.  

Partnerships have been formed with other Churches to enable this sharing and to encourage people to work together to achieve sustainable and quality development in their communities.

Bishop Malakar said, “Now many Dioceses have built partnership with us in promoting education and it is functioning very successfully.  We want to assist the Church of Bangladesh as well to share their experience of the expansion of education in Bangladesh.”

By working as partners to expand education in their Dioceses, the Church are able to build their capacity and provide educational opportunities, as well as improving the quality of education for students already in their schools.