Let us know how you want to transform the world

9 January 2012

The results will help us take forward our global workplan on development, relief and advocacy. Anglicans in Africa, the Pacific, Asia and Latin America and the Caribbean were consulted over priorities for the Anglican Alliance.

Development priorities they identified were:

  • Economic empowerment
  • Peace and reconciliation
  • Governance
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Youth empowerment
  • Communitiy empowerment
  • Climate change
  • Food security
  •  Migrants and refugees

Food security and climate change were singled out as the key subjects for global advocacy, with commitments also for the Anglican Alliance to support regional advocacy on migrants and refugees, and peace-building in countries affected by conflict.

Relief is the third pillar of the Alliance’s work. The Anglican Alliance has been mandated to support communities affected by all types of emergencies, natural and conflict-related. And it should help develop Anglican expertise in supporting people with disabilities in emergencies.

The on-line consultation takes the workplan to the next stage – to look at the best way to take the mission forward. It takes only a few minutes to take part – and the results will help us in the task of building a world free of poverty and injustice.

The consultation closes on February 19th 2012.