Leading African banker welcomes Church’s commitment to economic empowerment

11 September 2012

Most Revd Eliud Wabukala was joined on the platform at the workshop by Most Rev Albert Chama, Archbishop of Central Africa who described the transformation that the Anglican Alliance provincial conference had brought to development work in the province.

On the first day of the four day workshop, Dr Mwangi set out the potential and pitfalls of micro-finance, and the achievements of Equity Bank of which he is chief executive in providing financial services to poor people.

And Prof Elishiba Kimani of Kenyatta University set out the impact that poverty has on women, with proposals for measures to ensure that women are empowered to find pathways out of poverty.

Archbishop Eliud ssaid that economic empowerment was an important part of the Church’s mission, and all the talents and experience had been brought together for the workshop.  Archbishop Albert said that the Church is a partner in transforming people’s lives, and that what came out of the workshop must be implemented. And he paid tribute to the Anglican Alliance in bringing together work across the communion.

Dr Mwangi set out the scale of the achievements of Equity Bank in providing services for people who had previously not had bank accounts. A practising Anglican, he also pledged to maintain his support for the Church’s work to bring economic empowerrment and extend access to financial services to the wider community.

The workshop is continues to Thursday 13th Septembet to look at strategies for economic empowerment. It includes participants from Asia, Africa and Latin America.