Latin America and Caribbean choose team for Anglican Alliance

12 October 2011

A pledge to increase access to micro-finance through south-south collaboration came from the participants from across Latin America and the Caribbean,  Africa, India, the Philippines, the UK and Anglican development agencies Episcopal Relief and Development and the Anglican Board of Mission in Australia.

The week-long consultation was hosted by the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil, and was attended throughout by the church’s primate the Most Revd Mauricio Andrade and the provincial secretary Revd Arthur Cavalcante.

Environmental protection and micro-finance were the two priorities chosen by the region for the Alliance’s global development work, with micro-finance being singled out for work with other regions of the Communion.

The three co-ordinators chosen were: Rev Milton Amparo from the Dominican Republic to co-ordinate work across the Caribbean and central America, Christina Winnischoffer, from Brazil, to co-ordinate work in Brazil and Revd Carlos Quispe to co-ordinate work in South America, except for Brazil.  The region also has two Anglican Alliance steering group members, Mrs Sandra Andrade, of Brazil, and Rev Alejandro Manzoni of Uruguay, and a regional facilitator will complete the team.

Following four days of discussions, the consultation outcomes included commitments:

  •  To look at three modes of micro-finance activity based on co-operatives, working with existing institutions, or direct interventions by the church
  •  Develop theology to underpin the Anglican Alliance’s work, using the interactive website. The work would be led by Fr Alejandro Manzoni.
  •  That the Anglican Alliance work on relief should ensure that the needs of all people are met in emergencies, including those who have particular needs because of disability, medical condition or family circumstances.
  •  That the Anglican Alliance’s should also build on the Church’s expertise in providing psycho-social support to people who are affected by disasters and emergencies, and ensuring relief work included support for people experiencing gender-based violence.
  • To work support this year’s global food advocacy work, and to prioritise climate change next year, focusing on the Rio plus 20 and G20 meetings in the region.
  • To have two participants on the reference board for the Anglican Alliance distance learning modules being developed with the Open University: the people nominated were Rev Carlos Quispe from Peru and Mr Felipe Saravia from Chile.

Sally Keeble, Anglican Alliance director, said: “The decisions at Sao Paolo give a strong base for the Anglican Alliance in Latin America and the Caribbean with a regional team and priorities for action in development, relief and advocacy.”

The final Anglican Alliance regional conference for South and South east Asia will be held in Hong Kong next month.