Justice for Women! Resource pack to mark International Women’s Day

18 February 2012

The “Justice for Women” pack can be downloaded here. You can download the action sheet that goes with it here

With briefings and activities to mark International Women’s Day on March 8th it makes the case for:

  • Legal justice for women. Many women, especially those in developing countries, are denied access to justice through poverty, lack of local courts, or pressure of unjust authority structures.   Poor women in rural areas are often at risk collecting water or firewood or tending the land.
  • Economic justice for women so that they can overcome poverty. Women in poor communities have less say in decisions about household finances. Those involved in agriculture may not have access to markets to sell their goods.
  • Social justice for women so they can get access to the services they need, especially in education and healthcare.  Poor women in developing countries die needlessly because of lack of sexual and reproductive healthcare.

The pack is being translated into French and will be available on the website shortly. If you would like it in a print ready form to take to your local printer, please email anglicanalliance@aco.org.