Join our food campaign – World Food Sunday October 16

27 September 2011

Seven-year old Habiba Hassan Nur, who with her family recently arrived from Somalia, cooks a meal of beans in a new extension of the Dadaab camp in northeastern Kenya. Already the world's world's largest refugee settlement, Dadaab has swelled in recent weeks with tens of thousands of recent arrivals fleeing drought in Somalia. The Lutheran World Federation, a member of the ACT Alliance, is manager of the camp, and in July opened this new extension to begin housing the newest refugees.

Anglicans around the world are being asked to take action on World Food Day October 16th to press for action over the global food crisis.

Food is on the agenda for the meeting of the leaders of the world’s richest nations in November. We need to make sure that they hear the voice of the 1 billion people who go hungry every day in developing countries, including the millions suffering famine in East Africa.

You can download model letters to send to your local or central government leaders – see the special letters for children to colour in – the letter for adults – and action to make World Food Day special.

The Anglican Alliance is working with other organisations to press for:

  • Local farmers to get support to produce more food and get it to market.
  • Women farmers to get equal access. They produce most of the food in developing countries.
  • Soaring food prices to come down and an end to the profiteering in basic foods. Some people are making money out of other people’s hunger.
  • More fairness in land use, with respect for the environment, and secure land tenure so poor farmers don’t get evicted from their land.
  • More money for agricultural research and development so farms can produce more, better quality food.

For more information about the food crisis, see our food security page.