Improvement programme for Anglican schools in the Pacific

20 June 2012

Joe Takeli, Education Secretary for the Anglican Church of Melanesia has been putting a six point improvement programme in place since he returned home from the London-based programme in March.

Following the enthusiastic response to its Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Scheme for education administrators, the Anglican Alliance is now preparing a similar scheme for health administrators.

Drawing from the lessons, he learned from the London programme, Joe is taking the following steps to improve Church schools in Solomon Islands:

  • An Australian Volunteer has been engaged to carry out a three months review of ACOM Education Management, Administration and Operative systems to ascertain the strength and weakness of our Department and organisation. The Review is expected to be completed in the first week of July and will provide the basis for future decisions and changes in the organisation.


  • Work has started on developing a five year development plan for ACOM Education Department. A a local consultant has been contracted by the department to undertake the job which involves visiting many islands, and should be complete by September.


  • The department is soon to launch a facebook page, and a website with data on all church schools.


  • The ACOM Education Department will soon be installing radios in all schools to improve communication, especially with school leaders.


  • Teacher training has been improved so that all teachers can be upgraded. The programme is due to start in February 2013 and completed in 2014, providing new motivation for teachers.


  • The department has completed an electronic database of schools and teachers.

“ Schools in the Pacific have benefitted from improvement programmes we have made so far regarding the changes we are attempting in our Department as the result of our visit.. However, despite many and inevitable challenges, we have so far continued to strive to bring about positive changes in our organization and the country,” said Joe Takeli in his report.