George Kiriau commends the success of World Food Day workshops in the Pacific

22 October 2013

Alliance facilitator Tagolyn Kabekabe organised the first ever  events to mark World Food Day – a high level celebration and workshop in Honiara, Solomon Islands –  with the Mother’s Union which is very active in the country.

George Kiriau, former provincial secretary of the Anglican Church of Melanesia said, “It was a celebration highlighting local food, which is very important.  I am pleased that the Alliance is making impact at the local level and commend the efforts of Tagolyn on the organisation of the event.”

Three days of workshops were followed by a Church celebration at the Provincial Cathedral in Honiara, which was organised in partnership with the Mothers Union.

The workshops brought together rural women farmers and representatives of Churches, NGOs, local level government and National Government, to address the key issues and challenges they face in an unstable and changing climate.

Rural women farmers shared their stories on three focal areas, including access to markets, access to technology, and land rights. They were then able to hear from key stakeholders and Government representatives on the action that is being taken to address these issues.  

This was a significant opportunity for women farmers in the Pacific to come together and discuss the challenges of their work, and to meet with local and national governments and advocate for their needs.  

The women farmers also discussed their agricultural practices with others in the sector, and shared their work and experience in planting, harvesting, storage and marketing. 

Other local specialists were present to talk with the women about their access to markets and access to relevant technologies, to build their capacity and empower their work.  And legal officers worked with the women on land rights and the ways forward for women farmers in the Pacific.  

A full report on the workshops and interviews with the farmers will be available on this website soon.