From Nigeria to Pakistan – a new cloth book helps a local community prepare for flooding

11 June 2013

Printed on polyester fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, the cloth book has been designed to prepare communities in the Sindh province of Pakistan for some of the worst forecast floods in years.  

Using brightly coloured pictures supported by explanations and discussion points, the cloth book is the innovative result of a great collaboration between the Anglican Alliance, Commonwealth fellow Naveed Gill, Reverend Rana Khan and students from Northampton High School.  Based on a template cotton cloth book from the Diocese of Makurdi, Nigeria, this new resource proves how effective we can be when we work together.

Naveed Khurram Gill, who was a fellow on the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Scheme this year, spoke of the need for education and preparedness for these remote communities as they face disaster.  Working with the Anglican Alliance, the cloth book was written and designed with these specific communities in mind.

With the advice from Naveed and Rev Rana Khan on wording and pictures, the book is a culturally-relevant educational tool.

Translated into Urdu by Reverend Rana Khan, the text accompanies the colourful pictures designed and printed by girls from Northampton High School.  Using computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture, CADCAM,  the  students were able to utilise the latest technology to produce a durable and sustainable tool for developing communities.  

Unlike a paper book, the cloth book will withstand flooding. It hangs from a bamboo cane, and will be donated to the Church in Kunri by Alliance relief manager Tania Nino.

The seven students and their staff travelled to London to give the cloth book to the Anglican Alliance at a presentation held at Lambeth Palace.  Rev Rachel Carnegie, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s International Development Secretary, attended the presentation and blessed the clothbook, praying that it would be effective and powerful as it reached Pakistan.  


In the picture:  Rev Rachel Carnegie blessing the cloth book, held by a student from Northampton High School.  Rev Rana Khan was also in attendance.