Episcopal Relief and Development launches appeal for communities hit by Hurricane Sandy

31 October 2012

The figures below taken from the latest report of the International Red Cross Federation show the scale of the devastation:

Cuba: About 15,000 homes were destroyed and 75,000 people were left homeless, forced to live with relatives or in communal shelters. An additional 43,000 homes were damaged and 80 per cent of water systems impacted.

Jamaica: About 1,500 families were affected, and 40-60 per cent of houses have roof damage. In the hardest hit areas of the north and north-west all crops were affected.

Dominican Republic:  17,530 persons have been displaced, 580 persons housed in official shelters, 3,506 houses were flooded, 56 houses were severely damaged, and seven houses were destroyed.

The Bahamas: Storm damage knocked out power lines and created a pile-up of debris, and there was significant loss of livelihoods with crops and fishermen affected.

Haiti:Up to 17,187 people were evacuated to 118 emergency shelters including those living in 12 highly vulnerable camps. Some 5,981 families were affected (roughly 29,900 people). In addition 1,811 houses were flooded, 2,089 damaged and 1,885 destroyed.

United States: 18 lives were lost and there was widespread destruction in New York City, Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Approximately 7.5 million people were left without power along the east coast;

The US Agency  Episcopal Relief and Development is reaching out to affected partners in the Caribbean and along the eastern coast of the United States. A response fund has been established to receive donations and a bulletin giving information on the situation has been issued.

ACT Alliance has launched an appeal to help 750 families (3,328 people) in the provinces of Monte Plata, Barahona and Baoruco in the Dominic Republic.

The storm has been forecast to move into Canada in the next hours. We will update any information.

Picture:Mark Hintsa –  Episcopal Relief and Development website.