7 April 2011

Peshawar Diocese, Church of Pakistan The Diocese of Peshawar is one of the eight Dioceses of the Church of Pakistan which was formed in 1970 as a result of a union between the Anglicans, Lutherans, Scottish Presbyterians, and Methodists. Peshawar Diocese was created in 1980. It consists of 21 parishes and 12 sub-parishes. It is one of the largest Diocese in terms of area. The total number of Christians living in the Province is around one hundred thousand.The Diocese has a good number of volunteers and full time workers to carry out the work of the Diocese. The Diocese has various humanitarian serviceshas such as: Care and Rehabilitation for the Leprosy Patients; First School, Resource and Training Base for the Mentally Challenged Children; Centre for the Physically Disabled with Community Directed Approaches; HIV/AIDS Awareness programme; Medical, Educational and Community Development Services. All the activities have gained a notable reputation over the country.