Theology of development

Anglican and Episcopal churches work to overcome poverty and suffering and to transform communities because of what we believe.

Our vision of a world free of poverty, inequality, conflict and exclusion is rooted in our understanding of God’s mission and special concern for the poor.

We reflect theologically on development to give the churches a strong foundation for their practical work – to tap into the Gospel’s transformational power.

We use a regional lens to explore the Five Marks of Mission that guide the whole of the Anglican Communion in putting its faith into action.

We study Bible passages through the eyes of people from different contexts. These contextual Bible studies become the foundation of our response on priorities in development, relief and advocacy. This helps to connect our faith based understanding with the wider context of issues, such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

We think about what highlights of the Church year such as Easter or Pentecost can teach us for our development work.