Church in Moscow Taking the Anglican Input to the G20 Civil Society Discussions in Moscow

22 February 2013

Revd Stephens will be participating in the seminar: “G20 Future Development Agenda in Post-Busan Cooperation Architecture” on Monday 25th February in Moscow. He will be making the Anglican voice heard on food security, governance, climate change and other key issues. These priorities were chosen by Anglicans from around the world in the four international consultations held by the Anglican Alliance in Nairobi, Sao Paolo, Hong Kong and Solomon Islands.

This seminar is part of civil society events taking place in the run up to the G20 summit in September in St Petersburg, Russia. Last year during the G20 in Mexico, the Anglican Alliance organised the first participation ever of the Anglican Church in a G20 summit. Revd Canon Habacuc Ramos-Huerta, Secretary General of the Anglican Church in Mexico attended several meetings and the actual summit in Los Cabos Mexico.

In 2013 we are working with the Diocese in Europe to make the Anglican voice heard in the Russia G20. We will keep you informed about further developments and the Anglican input to one of the most important intergovernmental events this year.

The G20 gathers the 20 richest economies in the world. This year the summit is chaired by Russia which has set up growth as a priority, including: food security, energy sustainability, financial inclusion, post MDGs, fighting corruption, among others.