Calling women leaders in education – apply now for the Alliance 2014 programme

15 August 2013

You apply here for the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Scheme being organised by the Anglican Alliance to give four women in leadership positions in Church education services in Commonwealth countries to come to the UK for a seven week course of vocational training.

This is the third year running that the Alliance is applying to run a CPF scheme. Previous schemes have been for education administrators, and last year’s programme was for health administrators.

In 2014 the scheme will focus on encouraging women leaders in education, and look at how to increase the participation of girls and women in education. This is a priority in the Millenium Development Goals, and it’s well-recognised that educating women is essential to economic and social development.

As part of the scheme the four fellows will have an induction course with visits to the Office of Standards in Education in London, the Department for Education, Lambeth Palace and Church House. They will spend time work-shadowing senior women officials in London education services, and in diocesan education services. Finally they will have a week on a special educational programme at Nottingham University.

Throughout their fellowship, they will be supported by a facilitator, a former development and gender studies professor. They will also have a weekend with a family in a diocese outside London to get an understanding of life in the UK.

The scheme is funded by the UK government, through the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, and is only open to citizens of developing Commonwealth countries. It covers travel costs to the UK, the costs of short courses while in the UK, and a modest stipend to cover living costs. The ACO guest house has provided accommodation at a reasoable rate for the past two fellowship schemes.

Applications can only be made online through the portal on the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission website following the link set out below. If you need advice in making your application, you can ask your regional facilitator, or email . However, applications are judged strictly on criteria provided by the Commission.

It is especially important that applicants set out what benefit they believe their attendance on the course will bring to their home country, and set out their objectives in applying for the programme.

Sally Keeble, Alliance director said: “There are many very able and inspiring women working in Anglican education services. This is a course designed especially to make sure that you get a chance to fulfill your potential and ensure that girls and young women get equal access to education. So please send in your application!”

All applications need to be submitted by September 23rd. Funding for the scheme is only finally approved if the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission approves both the successful applicants and the details of the programme.