Call to all Anglicans – the United Nations wants to hear from YOU

13 March 2013

The special link for Anglicans is here

Follow the link and have your say in what you want the world to be like in the future. What are your priorities for fighting poverty and injustice.

The Anglican Alliance has teamed up with the UN to make sure that Anglicans around the world can influence the UN’s High Level Panel that is deciding on the priorities for global development after 2015.

This is the first stage of the UN process. The results will be shared with world leaders in setting the next global development agenda. And there will be a chance in the future to lobby national governments before the UN meetings to take the final decisions.

The United Nations has teamed up with youth groups, private sector bodies and NGO partners all over the world to launch MY World, which is the United Nations Survey for a Better World. MY World asks citizens everywhere about the issues that make the most difference to their lives.

As the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) continue to mobilise global action on fighting poverty and enhancing livelihoods, efforts are also underway to include citizens’ voices in the global debate for the development agenda after the MDGs target date of 2015.

MY World is anonymous and asks participants only for their gender, age and country.  The data will be presented to global leaders and will paint an accurate global picture of the top six issues that impact people’s lives the most.

The survey is currently available online in the seven UN official languages – English, Spanish, Korean, French, Arabic, Russian and Chinese–with more to come. Voters can also take the survey in paper form, just contact the Anglican Alliance for the resources.

 MY World aims to be a simple entry point for ordinary citizens to engage in the post-2015 development process while also introducing voters to the World We Want web platform– a joint initiative between the UN and Civil Society where citizens and stakeholders are participating in a more extensive and interactive post-2015 debate.

Results from MY World will be submitted to the Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda during their meetings in Monrovia, Jakarta and New York. It is intended that findings from the global survey will be considered by the panel before presenting their final report to the UN Secretary-General. 

 In the run up to 2015, MY World will continue gathering people’s voices and results will be shared with the Secretary-General and other global leaders. This initiative is coordinated by UNDP, the United Nations Millennium Campaign, ODI and the Web Foundation – with the support of partners across the world.
The United Nations and partners invite citizens everywhere to take the survey, and join the post-2015 process to define the world we want after 2015.