Call to action for famine victims launched in Nairobi

30 August 2011

They appealed to the international community to meet the US $1,4 billion funding gap to feed 12.4 million people in urgent need in eastern Africa.  Details for donating to the appeal are set out below.

In the meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, sponsored by the Anglican Alliance and led by the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa, the All Africa Council of Churches, Lutheran World Federation and others committed their churches to long term support for people and communities affected by the famine.
They praised humanitarian agencies that were working for the people in the region and called for African and world governments to: 

  • Give higher priority to the policies to provide sustainable food supplies.
  • Prioritise the needs of children.
  • Address the root causes of the conflict in the region.
  • Guarantee safe passage for humanitarian supplies and agencies.

 Launching the Appeal, the Most Rev Ian Ernest, Chairman of CAPA and Archbishop of the Province of the Indian Ocean said the appeal would seek long term solutions as well as immediate relief and last  to the end of 2012.
Bank Name: Barclays Bank of Kenya
Account name: CAPA
Bank Account Number: 8003864
Swift Code:
Branch Code: 084