Bombs destroy Anglican schools and villages in Goma

5 September 2013

Rev Désiré is providing the Alliance with regular updates from the Diocese, and the continuing needs of those living in the DRC.  

He described the devastation left by the bombs, with the classrooms of one Anglican school completely destroyed.  The parish church of St Paul’s is also uninhabitable, and church services can no longer take place. 

Fighting also continues between the Congolese army, who are supported by the United Nations intervention brigade, and the M23 rebel group around Goma.

According to the UNHCR, on one Saturday alone, three people were killed and five others wounded after a shell hit Ndosho, a suburb of Goma.

Bombs also fell on the Mugunga 3 camp, which shelters more than 14,000 internally displaced people. The UNHCR has condemned the killing of civilians.

The Church continues its plea for prayers during these difficult times. The Anglican Alliance has also been circulating an appeal to support the work of the church in Goma as they help the women and girls affected by sexual violence, used widely as a weapon of war in the region.