Archbishop Thabo says Rio+20 is key to Anglican mission to safeguard the earth

27 March 2012

And Anglicans are organising around the UN Conference on Sustainable Development which will bring world leaders together to find measures to  promote development without subjecting the planet to devastating climate change. 

The Anglican Alliance will be providing updates on the actions being taken – and you will be able to download materials closer to the event so that you and your church can join in the global actions.

Archbishop Thabo, who is chair of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network said’

“As Anglicans we have a mission to sustain and renew the life of the earth. Rio + 20 is about that mission and I urge Anglicans across the Communion to pray for this event to be a turning point in the safeguarding of our planet.”

Among the actions being taken are organisation of:

  • A database of Anglicans visiting Rio during the Summit to take part in the campaign activities. Please send your details to Rev Nicholas Wheeler in Rio de Janeiro Diocese at
  • An Anglican service as part of the activities planned by faith-based organisations.
  • A  workshop with ecumenical partners on food security and environmental issues.
  • Participation in the vigil on June 15th – the opening event of the Summit.
  • An event hosted by the Diocese of Rio de Janeiro on June 23rd at the end of the Summit.

The UN conference aims to tackle the inequality in the use of the world’s resources. At present the wealthiest 20 per cent of the people in the world consume 80 per cent of the world’s resources, whilst the  poorest 20 per cent lack the most basic necessities.

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