Anglicans join the National Congress of Brazil in the fight against gender-based violence

9 August 2013

As part of a campaign against violence against women, the resourcepack  will be released during a training workshop run by the Anglican Service for Diaconia and Development (SADD) from 15th-17th August. 

Statistics from Brazil show that five women are beaten every two minutes.  Every two hours a woman in Brazil is murdered.  This puts the country at 27th in the global ranking of murders carried out by men against women.

Continually engaged and active in the needs of its communities, the Church in Brazil and SADD have been working through different capacity building projects to help Dioceses and citizens to deal with, prevent and advocate on violence, especially where it is gender focused. 

Senator Ana Rita, from the National Congress of Brazil, was invited to take part in the campaign launch, when she invited Most Reverend Mauricio Andrade, the Primate of the Province of Brazil, Sandra Andrade, Coordinator of SADD, and Very Reverend Magda Guedes, the Dean of the Cathedral of Brasilia Diocese, to a meeting at the National Congress of Brazil. 

A report that outlines the laws and policies needed to tackle violence against women was recently presented by Senator Ana Rita, who was a key spokesperson at the National Parliamentary Committee of Investigation on violence against women, which was established in the National Congress last year.

More than 68 recommendations were made in the report to demand that laws and policies should be put in place to tackle gender-based violence and meet the rights of women. 

At the meeting, Senator Ana invited the group to discuss the report, and they shared their views about the reality of the situation and the ways that the Church could join the call for justice.  They will work in solidarity and partnership with the women and girls who have been affected by violence first-hand.    

It is expected that Dioceses across Brazil will also attend the launch, along with official members of the National Government and the ecumenical movement.

The Church asks for your prayers and support.  Please send your message of encouragement to SADD through the National Secretary of the Province, Reverend Arthur Cavalcante, at, and the Regional Facilitator for the Anglican Alliance Paulo Ueti, at