Anglican representatives taking part in key debates at the World Forum for Human Rights

10 December 2013

Paulo Ueti, Alliance facilitator for Latin America and the Caribbean is attending the World Forum on Human Rights today, which coincides with United Nations Human Rights Day, celebrating 65 years since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948.

Bishop Mauricio Andrade, Bishop of Brasília, will also take part in the forum, with representatives from the Diocese of Amazonia, the Diocese of Sao Paulo and the Diocese of Brasília also in attendance.  Sandra Andrade, Coordinator of the Anglican Service for Diaconia and Development, and a Board Member of the Anglican Alliance, will also represent the Anglican family. 

The forum, held in Brasília, Brazil, from 10-13 December, will promote public debate surrounding human rights issues, and bring into discussion the key developments and challenges faced by the region.  

Diversity, equality and social engagement have been highlighted as the main areas to address, and the forum will confront human rights violations in areas of conflict.

Gender-based violence, religious intolerance, and peace and reconciliation have been identified as key topics to discuss and Anglican representatives are hoping to make significant steps forward in these areas of need.  Their focus comes from our calling in the Gospel, to stand side by side with those who are most vulnerable, who see their basic human rights continually violated.

Civil society, social movements and international organisations will all be brought together in the conference lectures and themed debates, and the forum organisers are expecting more than ten thousand people to attend.

The Church is present at this important Forum to echo the voices of their people and raise awareness of the needs and challenges faced by the most vulnerable.   They will continue to strengthen the voices of the grassroots, grounded in the theology and spirituality of their faith.  

For more information on the World Forum for Human Rights, and to pray for the details of the gathering please visit:

In the picture: Bishop Mauricio Andrade will attend the World Forum for Human Rights in Brasília, Brazil