Anglican Archbishop takes the lead to speak out against violence in the Congo and keep us informed

15 August 2013

Taking a stand against the increasing violence in the eastern parts of DRC, Archbishop Henri Isingoma Kahwa, from the Province de l’ Eglise Anglicane du Congo, has appointed a key communicator for the region.

Spokesperson Rev Ven Mugisa Mbaangi will keep the Communion informed about the ongoing atrocities across the Dioceses, and ensure that every church remains mobilised to support and pray for their brothers and sisters who are affected.

Latest updates coming in from Rev Mugisa describe recent violence in the hills of Mt Rwenzori, North Kivu.  Ten people have been killed and many more injured when Kamango town was attacked by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and NARU rebel groups.

Homes have been destroyed and villagers are forced to find shelter in local schools.  Their cattle, poultry and livestock are lost and medical supplies have been looted.  There is an increasing lack of food, clothes, tents and clean water.

Displaced people flood to the Ugandan border.  30,000 are now living in towns close to Uganda with 5932 in Nobili, 1318 in Lwanoli. 2289 in Kikura and 150 in Mwenda.  Many others have crossed the border and are taking refuge in Uganda.  

With rebels still residing in the hills of Rwenzori, internally displaced people and refugees cannot return to their homes.  

Committed to supporting the work of the church in this critical humanitarian context, the Alliance will continue to bring attention to the difficulties that these communities face.

The emergency in the DRC will remain in Alliance headlines as Rev Mugisa communicates the breaking news from those closest to the ground.

Working with Dioceses in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda, across the Great Lakes region, the Alliance also supports those who are increasingly receiving refugees from DRC.  And our latest appeal calls for donations to support the church in the Diocese of Goma as they work with women and girls who are victims of sexual violence.