Alliance Commonwealth fellow addresses honoured guests at hospital opening in Pakistan

27 August 2013

Rt. Rev. Kaleem John, Bishop of Hyderabad Diocese in the Church of Pakistan, and Nawab Muhammad Yousaf Talpur, member of the National Assembly in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, were the guests of honour at the inauguration ceremony at Kunri Christian Hospital.

Naveed Khurram Gill, who is the administrator of the hospital, and alumni of the Anglican Alliance’s Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Scheme, made the keynote speech and welcomed the guests, before thanking all those involved in the renovation of the hospital building over the course of the year.

The grant for the renovation was announced by Nawab Muhammad Taimur Talpur during the annual Christmas & new year party in 2012.  Since then work has continued to update the building and increase the capacity of the hospital to better serve their patients.  

Kunri Christian Hospital has worked for over 50 years to reach out to the poor in the community and provide healthcare and assistance on a not-for-profit basis to those in need. They work with the government of Pakistan as they reach out to those in Kunri and the wider Sindh province. 

Doctors in the area were also invited to the inauguration ceremony.  A bible reading, followed by an address from Bishop Kaleem John began the ceremony.  

Nawab Muhammad Yousaf Talpur was invited to raise the curtain and reveal the plaque, officially opening the building.  A blessing from Bishop Kaleem John, for the renovated section of the building, closed the ceremony.

As the administrator of KCH Naveed Gill made the keynote speech, which outlined the history of the hospital and spoke about the particular issues that are faced by staff as they work for the health of their patients.

The full keynote address can be read here.

Following the keynote address, a presentation was given by the Medical Superintendent, regarding the medical activities of the hospital and its future plans.  

There was a great deal of support and enthusiasm for the hospital’s future and the way that the new facilities will be used to continue their good works as they reach out to the poor.

The ceremony ended with prayers from Rev. Fr. James, the parish priest at St Benedict Church, Kunri.

In the picture: Children celebrate the opening of the renovated section of Kunri Christian Hospital at the inauguration ceremony held last week.