Agents of Change launched in the Diocese of Harare

10 May 2013

The Diocese of Harare recently held their Agents of Change orientation day for 25 Anglicans.  Split into four study groups, the pilot schemes have been coordinated by Reverend Masango Roderick Warakula, who has worked excellently in bringing the groups together and ensuring the smooth launch of the programme.

The students were welcomed by Bishop Chad Gandiya who expressed his appreciation of the programme and acknowledged the importance of educating Anglicans to become more effective in our work and outreach for the kingdom of God.

The Anglican Alliance also made a skype call to the group, introducing them to the programme and enabling the students to ask any questions they may have had.  This ensured the students were comfortable and could begin the programme in confidence.

There are two mentors providing encouragement and feedback for the four groups, and students are emailing them to link with them and register for the programme.  They have now begun their study of Module One, ‘Consultation’, holding group meetings to discuss their studies and complete their workbook, which will be submitted to their mentors by the end of the month.

The Alliance are very excited to see these four groups launched and we are looking forward to seeing their Module One submissions start flooding in!

With many thanks to the mentors for their encouragement, to the students for their involvement, and to Reverend Warakula and the Diocese of Harare for their continued hard work and support!  It has been an honour to work with you and launch Agents of Change in Zimbabwe.