Agents of Change course starts in Asia, Dhaka, Bangladesh

30 January 2013

Four students were selected for the course and took part in the one day Orientation Session, which was divided into two parts. The first part was an inaugural session and that was followed by a working session.

The Moderator and Bishop of Dhaka, Church of Bangladesh, Rt Revd  Paul S Sarker attended the session, blessed the students and  formally inaugurated the course.  He thanked the Anglican Alliance for introducing  such course  and found the course effective and need based. He commented “  The course modules are very well arranged, practical, easy to understand, but academically rich. I am sure the students will enjoy the course and give effective placement of it in the community. It will make them closer to the community and the community will own the work that they desire for. And thereby development will be practical to them”.

A total of 20 people attended the inaugural session from different Ministers of the Church. In the working session along with the students and a few others, like Principal of St. Andrew’s Theological College of COB, Dean of Dhaka Deanery, local priest, official from social development programme of COB  attended as observers  and to get familiar with the course with an interest in becoming a Mentor of the course in future.

The orientation course introduced the workbook, the modules, the formation process and needs of the support group,  and the roles of the Course Mentor to the students. In the working session the students selected their projects and defined the possible outcomes of that. At the end of the working session they send a message over email to their mentor informing their starting of the course. The students also worked on their course calendar and set the date of their next Support Group meeting for finalizing their course calendar.

Anglican Alliance Director, Sally Keeble, said that the Bangladesh students had shown some very good practice in the way they had identified their projects and contacted their mentors. Their work is being showcased in the interactive forum for students and mentors. You can access the forum through this page of the website, and register if you are an Agents of Change student or mentor. 

The session was very interactive and the people attended the orientation session took much interest in the course. The Church of Bangladesh is planning to tag this course to their mainstream theology course.  A detailed report of the orientation session will follow.