Agent of Change puts plans into action to provide community education in the Pacific

3 December 2013

Dennis’s project proposal outlines his plans for the ‘Hautabu Development and Training Resource Centre’, which will launch in January 2014, led by the Society of Saint Francis (SSF) community.

The training centre will provide education and training programmes for out of school youths and adults in the local community who are seeking to build their vocational and industry skills.  

HIV, healthcare, agriculture, water management, crop adaptation and computer skills are among the many key subject areas included in Dennis’s plans.  And the community will have access to the essential information that they need through the publishing centre that will also be established in line with the project. 

Through Dennis’s innovative project the SSF Brothers will be branching out into socio-economic development and giving empowerment and resource to under privileged and vulnerable community groups.  

Communities will be well equipped with primary production skills in areas such as agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry.  Business skills will activate trading and marketing, and create an entrepreneurial culture in the community. Trade skills will contribute to production and services.

And publications will also be shared with more than 200 institutions in the area, giving them much needed information on life skills, as well as resources for education, school curriculum and training materials. 

Dennis’s success on the programme has been motivated by his earnest desire to provide a resource centre for his community, and to see individuals become the best that they can be, equipped with the tools they need to bring about positive change. 

He commented on the importance of the Agents of Change programme and the clear and effective way it had empowered him to make a difference in his community.

Dennis Kabekabe Agents of Change

Dennis (pictured, right) said, “The programme is an effective tool in empowering leaders in the community who are at the periphery or margins of the society, neglected and marginalised from taking part in socio and economic development.

“Participants and their communities will be empowered and given hope to overcome poverty and injustice to achieve fullness of life in their respective communities.  

“It will also give them the opportunity to use their God given talents and gifts and become active agent of change through missionary work that promotes peace, justice, dignity and equality of life for all humanity.”

More students in Honiara are completing the programme, and the Alliance are preparing for the next round of launches which will take place in January 2014.  


In the main picture: the Agents of Change group met to launch their programme in Honiara in July.